Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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I am so excited - I love Esme! I've got lots more stuff to catch up on, but of course this seemed the most important. Plus, it's easier than getting the pictures off my camera. So more to come soon.

Friday, October 17, 2008



When Crazy Daddy and I were married, we got home from our honeymoon and the next day we drove to the pet store and brought home Sammy. She has been a member of our family very nearly since the family was established. She has had to put up with a lot. When we lived in Orem, she lived in a small fenced in kennel at the end of the house where the neighbor boys would torture her by peeing on her. Yes, you read it right. Poor girl. She has always hated loud noises, like the lawn mower and balls hitting the tin shed in Orem. She was very smart. She learned how to roll over and play dead and stay and shake. I taught her in a probably an hour. I am not a great dog trainer. She was a fabulous learner - eager to please. When we moved from our home in Orem she had the whole backyard - we thought she would love it. She promptly started making what we refer to as "game trails" in the lawn. She would walk only on those trails - on one from her doghouse to the garage to the back porch. On another from the porch back to the doghouse. She loved to dig. We did not have a beautiful back yard, but we had a good dog. She collected rocks. She would hoard them in her doghouse. I don't know why. I suppose she loved them for some reason. She didn't get to spend a lot of time around kids - but she was not mean to them. She preferred adults. She would just go to her doghouse if she didn't want to be around kids. She was really good with the Boss. She would chase him around - let him chase her around. I feel bad that he didn't get to know her and love her better. She was a good dog. She died this morning. I hope things are a million times better for her now than they were here. We will miss you girl.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A trip to the zoo

We decided to take a trip to the zoo last week before it got too late in the season for us. When I asked the Boss what he thought he would see at the zoo, his reply was "elephants" and "meerkats." Meerkats? Where does that come from. Anyway, it was a cool day, the animals were all very cooperative - pacing around in their domiciles instead of laying around and hiding. The penguins were being fed and swimming. It was all great fun. And we saw meerkats! And the Boss - not so impressed. Of course, they are right next to the HUGE snakes and the porcupines, so I guess it's hard for a two-year-old to focus. The highlight of the zoo? The big round wet globe fountain. Of course. Are we supposed to go to the zoo for the animals? Then they shouldn't put that fabulous globe thing right front and center - it's obviously the focal point and the whole reason we go to the zoo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In the beginning of my blogging life...

I can't believe it. After months and months of lurking on other people's blogs - mostly other mommy's blogs - I'm finally starting one of my own. Why you ask? Because I need one more reason to put off the laundry. Because I don't want to load the dishwasher. Because I love everyone elses. I want one of my own. The "keeping up with the Jones" syndrome strikes again, but at least it doesn't cost anything, and I'll be keeping a journal of sorts. So it's a good thing. I am just throwing out at the beginning that I am not a writer and will never claim to be. I do often claim to be the funniest girl in the world and if whoever reads this doesn't smile or laugh once in a while, well, you are not of the funny variety. That's okay, it takes all kinds. I am of the funny variety, but I often have to tell people so they know.

Anyway, my sister was here this past weekend. She has been pestering me for some time to start one of these blog thingies. We went to the Discovery Gateway in SLC for the children, although a fun time was had by all. One of the greatest things were these two books I bought for myself - they are the greatest. If you need any Christmas gift ideas for older kids (I'd say 9-10 for the two I got at least) then consider these.

They have some two-page dot-to-dots that actually go up to 1400 ish, plus he has you do them in all these creative ways. Way fun. The books were $7.95 each. Books 1 through 4 are not super challenges and I don't know if they are quite as hard, but they are probably worth getting too. I don't know if I should be embarassed to admit that I like to do these "kid" puzzles, but it's my blog and like the title says, I'm crazy. Pick these books up, they'll be hard to put down.Here's a picture of the boss doing his best dance move, just a little something to make you smile.

And thus ends my first post.